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I live in a country town surrounded by forests, farms and some attractive scenery. Sometimes I like to take videos of the roads I drive along. I also like to walk around town pointing the camera at things.

As part of doing media work at car rallies I take lots of photographs and make in-car videos of rally stages. You can see all this at

A note about the photo galleries:
When I do my walks around town I use the tag line "pointing the camera at things". I set the camera (Nikon D5600, 18-55mm lens*) to "Automatic" and the only adjustment I make when taking photos is focus. The photos are taken at the camera's maximum resolution (6000x4000 pixels) and the only processing is to add a copyright watermark and reduce the size to 640 pixels wide for here. Yes, I can do other things with the camera and PhotoShop but not for these projects. The idea is to look spontaneous. Copyright watermarks are added using NCH Pixillion Image Converter.

(* Sometimes I cheat and use a 70-300mm telephoto lens to get pictures of things that are too far away to walk to, but I don't carry that lens with me all the time.)

The galleries are built using Web Album Generator. This is a useful place to start and does a very good job if you are not too fussy about what the pages look like. If you want the galleries to have the look and feel of the rest of your site you will have a bit more than a bit of work to do. It's a lot like having a table saw - it makes part of the job a lot easier but you need more tools if you want to make some chairs and cupboards.

And the videos:
In-car videos recorded from the start of 2019 were done with a Kaiser Baas X400 action camera. It replaced a GoPro which had useless software and generally seemed to be living on a reputation and a familiar brand name (and cost more than twice as much). Video manipulation and watermarking is done with Any DVD Converter.

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