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Autumn Leaves – April 12, 2020

In April 2020 we were all locked into our houses because of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the legal reasons for leaving home was for exercise, so I used this to combine exercise with walking around pointing the camera at things. The things I pointed at were trees turning to autumn colours, one of the things that makes Oberon such a pleasant place to live in (it's pleasant for the rest of the year too, of course).

Sort of apology:
These photographs were taken over two days. On the first of these days there were winds gusting up to and over 90 km/h and clouds continually blocking the sun. Even at exposure times of 1/4000 second there was still some motion blur from the wind shaking the trees and leaves ( and trying to blow me over). On the second day the weather was perfect.

You can see the photos by starting here.

To get you in the mood, here is some music. Unfortunately I can't identify the musicians, but that doesn't spoil the pleasure of listening.

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