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Oberon's Lanes – October 15, 2019

The first place I ever lived in was a flat above my parents' fruit and vegetable shop. There was a lane at the back of the block, and ever since than I've wanted to live somewhere with a lane out the back. I finally got my wish last year when I moved from one place in Oberon to another, and now I have a lane right outside where I can park my car without having to lug the groceries all the way from up there.

It's not the only lane in Oberon, so I thought I'd have a walk around pointing the camera at things in the lanes.

To see the whole collection of photos you can start here.

And a memo to my friends in Melbourne: If you want to compare lanes, to quote our mutual friend Daniel: "Have a big dose of shut up".

Click for an even bigger map

Note – after I built the album using Web Album Generator I removed three photographs. Two of them duplicated the content of other photos and the other one could have exposed someone to having his exotic car stolen or damaged (my car was parked in a lane when the number plates were stolen). There are no pages with big pictures but removing the thumbnails from the page menus would have required more time and effort than a person my age would want to spend on anything (just converting all the pages to look like this site was enough work). The missing links are obvious.

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