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Snow around Oberon – July 13, 2019

Videos taken on the morning of Saturday, July 13, 2019. They are silent because I'm learning how to use a new action camera (Kaiser Baas X400) and where I had it mounted in the car produced a lot of drumming resonance. As this was quite annoying I edited it out. There will be more practice.

Titania Road to Vulcan State Forest, via Old Shooters Hill Road.

I do a bit of off-road stuff in Vulcan State Forest. It's amazing where you can take a 1993 Falcon wagon. I had to get it out of there by myself because I didn't want the embarrassment of asking a tourist to tow me out.

This video had an extra need for silence – to block out the language I used to describe the 4WD driver who had parked so he almost blocked the road.

Drogheda* Forest Road (where it started snowing while I was out taking photos), Shooters Hill Road, (a look at the petrol gauge said "Don't go via Porters Retreat"), Riverview Forest Road (complete with snow falling), Abercrombie Road
(* For those who don't speak Irish, it's pronounced "drawda".)

Back into Oberon (and to fix that petrol gauge problem)

The car was looking a bit filthy by the time I got home.

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