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Meryl Dorey: Free speech hypocrite

September 10, 2013

The person who has been wasting the courts' and my time for more than a year to try to have me forced into silence claims to be an advocate of freedom of speech. Her actions say otherwise.

Here is an article from The Millenium Project about just one of Meryl Dorey's attempts to silence critics. It is being reproduced here as part five of a series about lies told by the Australian Vaccination Network running each day until September 18, the date set down for the District Court to hear Meryl Dorey's appeal against the dismissal of her frivolous and vexatious application for an Apprehended Violence Order against me.


That old free speech thing (7/5/2011)
[Link to original article]

Over the last couple of weeks Meryl Dorey, once president of the Australian Vaccination Network, has been waging a campaign to remove criticism of her anti-vaccination activities from Facebook. Her method took the form of filing copyright infringement notices against anyone who displayed screenshots of her comments. She apparently did this as she saw criticism as an attempt to stifle her freedom of speech. Irony is always lost on fundamentalists, so she didn't see that her success at having people's Facebook accounts closed is an example of hypocrisy if you are claiming to support free speech. And speaking of hypocrisy, one of the items she complained about was a reproduction of her own theft of copyright material from a newspaper. She also seems to have forgotten that she was forced to withdraw some AVN publications because they contained material written by others and permission to reproduce had not been obtained. It seems that free speech only works one way for her.

It is well known that anti-vaccination liars hold the belief that there is no such thing as Shaken Baby Syndrome, as all those broken ribs and brain haemorrhages are caused by vaccines. In a blog article whining about how critics were terrifying her and her acolytes and boasting about her success in silencing them she paid special attention to the son of one of the doctors who first identified SBS. I posted the following comment on the blog.

In the past, when I hit "Submit Comment" I got a message saying that the comment was awaiting moderation. My comments never got through moderation, of course, because that would require Ms Dorey to pay lip service to her pretend commitment to free speech and dialogue. Now my comments are simply rejected automatically. Still, I had to ask:


Here is an email I sent to Ms Dorey in August 2009. I have never received a reply and all the bans are still in place. At least she didn't submit it to the court as evidence of harassment and stalking as she did with other innocuous emails.

On the AVN web site it says:

"1.Both sides of every health issue should be freely available for anyone who is trying to make a decision".

I cannot comment on entries in the AVN blog.

I cannot follow AVN on Twitter.

I am banned from the AVN mailing list.

I have been removed from the AVN's Facebook page, as have many other people, and everything I wrote there has been deleted.

These actions seem to be in direct conflict with the AVN policy reproduced above, and could even be construed as examples of hypocrisy.

You are free to read my web site at any time you like and if you send me comments I will publish them. You are free to join any public mailing list that I manage and post whatever you like to the list and you will not be moderated in any way (unless your messages expose me or anyone else to legal action). You have my permission to follow me on Twitter. You can be a fan or member of any Facebook page or group (or any other online forum) of which I am an administrator and any comments you post there will be left untouched (again unless they expose me or anyone else to legal action).

I have nothing to hide and I am not ashamed of what I say or do. It appears that you can say neither. Prove me wrong.

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