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The AVN shows sympathy for women with breast cancer

September 9, 2013

One thing that soon becomes obvious when you observe anti-vaccination liars is their absolute selfishness. Nothing that affects other people or other people's children is of any concern to them

Here is some material about breast cancer which was published at various times in The Millenium Project. It is being reproduced here as part four of a series about lies told by the Australian Vaccination Network running each day until September 18, the date set down for the District Court to hear Meryl Dorey's appeal against the dismissal of her frivolous and vexatious application for an Apprehended Violence Order against me.


Breast cancer empathy (24/10/2009)
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month all over the place, and anybody with aBuy a badge hint of compassion would think that this is a good cause to support. But what would happen if a volunteer telemarketer randomly rang the number of the Australian Vaccination Network soliciting a donation to this worthy cause? Well, if you can believe the message to the AVN mailing list (and why wouldn't you believe it?), then they might get a less than friendly reception. Here is AVN President Meryl Dorey on how to handle someone asking for money to research cures for one of the biggest killers of women in the world:

I think they end up being sorry that they ever called me because I don't just say no, I tell them why I say that I work for a children's charity that is involved in preventing cancer and that in 50 years, the cancer council and other bodies have done nothing. Cancer is more prevalent today then it was when they started to supposedly research and if I am going to be making a donation, I want it to go to a good cause, not just to line the pockets of some researcher who has no interest in actually seeing their research come to fruition rather than just keeping themselves in a job. They don't know what to say... But hopefully, it makes them think that maybe there is more to this cancer stuff then they were told?

Here's some news for Ms Dorey – AVN is not "a children's charity" and is in no way involved "in preventing cancer". In fact, you are implacably opposed to a vaccine which is specifically targeted at preventing a cancer, the vaccine against HPV, and some of the ludicrous claims you have made about the danger of this vaccine would lead people to think that you want women to die of cancer. And I can tell you what the person on the phone thinks – it is that they managed to randomly ring someone who talked nonsense and insulted them for no good reason


Breast cancer? Let women die. (16/1/2010)
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The conversation on the AVN's anti-vaccination liar mailing list turned to the horrors of breast cancer this week. Here is a sample of what went on:

Subject: that damn pink ribbon

I've been seeing it more and more and more and more.. it's really becoming a. whatd'yacall it.. a phase? No. a.. something.. popular and trendy. I'm hoping it eases off soon or I'm going to have to just throw up at a store!!

Seen the magnet "save the ta-tas"?! <roll the eyes> yeah.. stop annual mam's and give up the pink frosting and give up the hydrogenation people!!! That will save the ta-ta's more than donating to the cancer society!~

Subject: RE: that damn pink ribbon

I accidently bought something the other day that had a pink ribbon thingie on it and I was mortified. It's everywhere and it is SUPER annoying b/c you know ppl are like "ooohhh i'm gonna buy that b/c it's a pink ribbon product!!" PUKE!

Subject: RE: that damn pink ribbon

I'm so surprised to read these messages. I thought I was the only one who isn't into the whole pink ribbon thing. May I ask your reasons why? Thanks, Becca

Subject: RE: that damn pink ribbon

Mortified you betcha~! Man.. I would have just been beside myself!

I'm against these organizations and bandwagon fads. The gov't gives researchers grants for cancer funding and research.. they don't really need our money, hard-earned and can be better spent. PLUS they're not really looking for a cure. Diabetes foundation said they're not looking for a cure (I think it was), they're just looking at improving quality of life-a friend or someone I knew called them looking for info b/c she had been dx'd. they said no, we don't do research for that.. we just make you feel better.. pretty much.. I remember being shocked and disgusted.

Besides, they've supposedly been looking for a cure for cancer for over 100 years.. they haven't come up with a cure for ANY kind of cancer in that time.. now really.. can it be that hard??

But they don't want to say how easy it really could be b/c that doesn't sell. Health is a business-moreover, BAD health is a business. People want to feel good but the pharma company and the doctor don't want you to feel good.. doctors telling patients not to do Vita C b/c it can be toxic.. but here, use this pill instead it'll help.

They don't do 'natural' treatments b/c they don't sell as much in the high prices, they can't patent it, they can't put fake colors in it and make a pretty pink or purple pill.

I have said it many times: as long as there are artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, foods, hydrogenation and trans fats and canola oil.. there will be cancer. As long as vaccines exist with nasty ingredients that have no business in the human body, there will be cancer.

I do not support the cancer foundations at all. not when they diss anything natural. They're not looking for cures.

Subject: RE: that damn pink ribbon

Well, I don't because most of the money they get goes to getting women to get their first mammograms. I don't support those, so I don't want to give them money. Janice

It has been obvious for a long time that many of the people opposed to vaccinations must be motivated by a need to see more dead children. Opposition to the vaccine against HPV showed that they had moved on to include dead younger women in the objective. Now they have revealed that older women, the ones who are most susceptible to breast cancer, are also in the frame.

This idiocy is not confined to anti-vaccination liars, because I have been seeing supporters of quackery ranting about the dangers of mammograms for years. The logic seems to go like this: mammograms reveal signs of cancer but these signs were not detected before the mammogram, therefore the mammogram caused the cancer. This would be familiar to readers of Joseph Heller's Catch 22, where the Man in White was killed by the nurse taking his temperature because nobody knew he was dead until the reading was taken. Perhaps it's a case of the quantum phenomenon Schrodinger's Tit, where until the mammogram is taken cancer only exists as a probability and the state of the disease is crystallised by the observation.

Quackery supporters even treat this as a joke, again showing their disrespect for women and their hatred for anyone who might want to do something useful about the biggest cancer killer of women in the developed world. (The biggest cancer killer world-wide is cervical cancer, and we know from the opposition to HPV vaccine what quackonauts think about that.)


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