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The real truth about vaccinations

I want you to imagine a medical product which can save and has saved many millions of lives, the majority of them children. Imagine that the procedure is safe (not 100%, absolutely safe, of course, because nothing is that) and has been used literally billions of times with only a small number of bad reactions. It is cheap and can be administered by people with almost no training. It is not very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry because research is expensive but the buyers are mainly governments and charities who are very cost conscious.

Now I want you to imagine that there is a highly organised opposition to this procedure. The opponents are prepared to lie without remorse about non-existent dangers of the procedure (and we know they are lying because the truth has been pointed out to them many times). They lie about the manufacturing process and they even lie about the ingredients in order to suggest that parents who allow their children to undergo the procedure are sentencing those children to eternity in Hell. Researchers associated with the procedure are vilified and even receive credible death threats. It is even claimed that people undergoing the procedure might be marking themselves out for extermination in a plan for global genocide.

And what is this terrible procedure which is so awful that its opponents have to discard all truth, science and apparently even sometimes sanity to defeat it?


I have often been accused of being offensive when I call some of the opponents of vaccination "anti-vaccination liars". Well, what else can I call people who lie about vaccines?

There is no anti-freeze in vaccines. There are no parts of aborted foetuses in vaccines and the Vatican has not advised Catholics not to vaccinate their children because of this. There is no pork in vaccines, so Muslims and Jews can safely protect their children. There are no microchips in vaccines that can be used to track your location and schedule you for extermination. Vaccines are not being used by the WHO and Save The Children to spread AIDS in Africa as part of a plan of deliberate genocide. (You might think that these last two, the microchips and the genocide, are things I just made up. They are not, and I have been told both by people who are highly respected in the anti-vaccination community.) Vaccines do not cause autism, SIDS or Shaken Baby Syndrome. Vaccines do not kill children.

If you leave out the insane ones, such as those who are claiming that there is no such thing as swine flu and it is just a scare tactic to encourage people to accept injections of microchips in preparation for a cull of 95% of the world's population, and the ones who deny the safety and efficacy of vaccines for commercial reasons, such as the purveyors of snake oil and quackery, it is hard to determine the motivation of most of the anti-vaccination campaigners. I used to think it was a hatred of children, but the almost rabid opposition to the recently developed vaccine against human papilloma virus suggests that they hate adult women as well. Cervical cancer is the fourth largest cause of female death from cancer in the world (and the leading cause in developing countries), but those 250,000 dead women each year are dismissed as insignificant.

Look at your children. Look at the kids in your local schools. Then think about the latest figures from WHO that indicate about 2.5 million children under five are dying each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, or about 7,000 each day. Then tell me that I should be polite to the liars.

A version of this article was published on the Yahoo! 7 News Blog on October 13, 2009
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Readers' comments


well said!

Oct 13 02:12 pm


"People who are highly respected in the anti-vaccination community", should have read, "people who are highly respected in the anti-vaccination community, and ridiculed as morons everywhere else that serious, science-based medical discussion is taking place in this universe; and everywhere that it is not."

Thank you.

Oct 13 02:22 pm

Peter, you started me thinking about the first time I became aware of anti-vaccination campaigners. I thought, "Pffft! As if there are people who really think vaccination is bad." Years later, I'm still amazed. Not only that they exist, but that they're willing to reveal their delusion publicly. Still, at least they're offering some sensible, viable alternatives to getting dangerous diseases, like... um...

Oct 13 02:49 pm

Because listening to an article stating things without proof repeatedly means that everybody should believe you and those who don't are obviously liars. Let's completely disregard the fact that vaccine manufacturers aren't exactly angels and do quite a bit of lying on their own. Merck's purposeful attempts to discredit doctors and in the end FINALLY pulling Vioxx from the market when they decided to recognize proof of increased heart attack risk, just one example.

Oct 13 04:19 pm

reasonablehank... You make me laugh :P

Oct 13 04:19 pm

Nice one lunjevich – let's disregard everything in the article because I say so and focus on something unrelated in which I imply something sinister is happening. Nice.

Oct 13 05:28 pm

@lunjevich – have you noticed that the same people who provided scientific warnings about Vioxx are the same people who say "Vaccination is safe and effective" – ie/ the opposite to what anti-vaxxers claim? Do you agree with anti-vaxxers and their message?

Oct 13 06:16 pm


There was money hinging on how long it would take for an anti-vaccination nutter to arrive and claim "Big Farmer Conspiracy". Let me tell you, Big Farmers are cuddly and they grow stuff. How dare you discredit Big Farmers without a shred of evidence.

Medications like Vioxx were removed from the market because patients could not be trusted to take the correct dosage.

I lost the bet. Here is a word that I haven't heard for years. I just remembered it. Twerp.

Oct 13 08:33 pm

Peter asks: "Well, what else can I call people who lie about vaccines?" Well, duh, try anti-vaccination, pro-infectious disease merchants of disability and death. Fully describes them.

Oct 14 12:41 am

"Vaccines do not kill children."

Blimey, that is a big fat lie, perhaps you should tell the UK and USA gov to
stop lying as they have paid out for vaccine deaths

Vaccines do not cause autism, SIDS or Shaken Baby Syndrome.

3 big fat lies cine_autism_proven.html ds.html s1.html

See: html

Oct 14 01:31 am


Hello John,

You said that there were at least 20 lies in what I wrote. When can we expect to hear about the other 20? And just for once, could you provide links to somewhere other than

Oh, and to save you the trouble of trying to embarrass me –

Oct 14 08:58 am

We should trust a site riddled with mis-information on what it says governments say rather than listening to the governments themselves?

How'dyou figure that?

Oct 14 09:16 am

I love this. In another forum a supporter of alternative medicine has said that he won't comment here because he stays away from phishing sites owned by pharmanuts. I own Yahoo! That requires more exclamation marks. I own Yahoo!!!!!

If Steve Ballmer is listening, Microsoft can have Yahoo! for $2 billion. Ring me, Steve.

This almost as funny as when some quackery shiller accused me of writing Hamlet.

Oct 14 10:31 am

I am old enough to remember the days before vaccines (other than smallpox) and my life as a child was non-stop misery: the 1947 & 57 deadly flu, measles, mumps, whooping cough, rubella (I had that a second time as an adult and lost a baby) – you name it, I had it. I remember several of my friends dying of Polio and a neighbour who spent her life in an iron lung. Three of my many cousins died of diptheria. Not a nice way to go. Would anyone like to see those days return?

Oct 14 07:41 pm

If the reason you write at all is entertainment then you should try writing about sport, not about serious stuff where researching facts is paramount. Your reference to cervical cancer vaccine is outer stupidity. There are reports all over the world about young girls dying or becoming disabled (brain damage) after receiving the shot. Spain has withdrawn from HPV vaccine program for this very reason. Undoubtedly you don't have a daughter, else you wouldn't be throwing your mouth around.

Oct 14 11:13 pm

For anyone who wants real facts about flu vaccines try this article published in The Atlantic (November 2009). The article, written by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer is the best article on flu vaccines that has ever been published in the popular press. Entitled Does the vaccine matter?, it presents some of the most eye-opening information you've probably ever read about the failure of flu vaccines. 200911/brownlee-h1n1

Oct 14 11:33 pm

At first i thought that this article was a joke – but I did a Google and the Skeptics really do exist! What a rabid, ignorant, hateful group. PLEASE, Skeptics, make sure you take all the meds the boys in white coats give you.

Oct 15 07:19 pm


That must have been some great research you did. Did it occur to you to click on the link to the Skeptics' web site at the end of the article? If that's an indication of your research skills I can see why you believe the lies put out by the anti-vaccination campaigners.

Oh, and thinking that children dying from preventable diseases is a joke sure makes you stand out from the crowd of sane people.

Oct 16 11:26 am

Yes yes yes it is what I have been saying for a long time . There is nothing wrong with a few rich people owning companies that make billions of dollars from sickness. Their only motivation is to help poor unfortunate sick people. If only people realised that they should trust without question what drug companies say then this whole debate would not have to happen.

Like the comment earlier people should just line up and get jabbed with the needle and stop thinking for themselves. Selfish fool

Oct 17 01:13 pm

It sounds as though the opinion being stated is indeed based on facts but without being factual itself. Has it occurred even occurred to the author that since the world has introduced mass vaccination programs that we have seen sky rocketing increases of autism, cancer and the whole range of ills? Probably not, because unfortunately, most people live in the illusion that "all is well" and that we should just believe and accept without further questioning-even when it is so blatant.

Oct 18 08:15 am

This article is the perfect example of why I rarely read Yahoo news (and always take it with a grain of salt). What an emotive, pathetic load of drivel, filled with cheap shots. How low has journalism gotten that anything can be posted online, as long as it will provoke an emotional reaction from readers.

Oct 18 09:42 am

Make Up Your Own Mind

BAYER : Sells AIDS infected medicine intentionally : Kills Children 2rS4uyCaLBg

Where are the sick pigs? CDR-UJYms6w

Oct 18 11:01 am

The simple fact is that many of those in power ascribe to the malthusian view towards population concerns. Many openly state that War / Famine / Disease etc. are necessary to regulate sustainability.

The job of the WHO is to ensure sustainable population levels in direct relation to the resources. ie. food / water / power. We are constantly being warned about water shortages. Our farmers are being abandoned and left to bankruptcy or suicide. The IMF serves only to cripple The 3rd World.

Oct 18 11:21 am

As for the World Health Organisation :

Does anybody seriously believe the bureaucrats at the World Health Organisation are doing everything in their power to have more people running around the planet?

Struggling to cope with seas of refugees flooding across borders, millions or children orphaned by war. millions of starving people existing on nothing every day. ALSO 30 million people lost in the underworld of child slavery.

Still sure they want us to multiply and live forever?

Oct 18 11:30 am

Where are the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies proving flu vaccines are both safe and effective? Where, then, is the so-called "science" backing the idea that flu vaccines work at all?How can methyl mercury (Thimerosal, a preservative used in flu vaccines) be safe for injecting into the human body when mercury is an extremely toxic heavy metal? Why do reports keep surfacing of children and teens suffering debilitating neurological disorders, brain swelling, seizures and eve

Oct 19 07:32 pm


Thimerosal is not methyl mercury. It breaks down in the body to ethyl mercury which is almost immediately excreted and causes no harm. Do not believe everything you read on anti-vaccination web sites.

Oct 19 09:16 pm

@greasybelcher (what an appropriate nym)

I post as me and me only. Why is it that some people assume that if more than one person disagrees with them then there is really only one person disagreeing with them? It is a very strange delusion.

And if I decide to write about climate change I will let you know, although you might not be around if you keep spamming the conversation.

Oct 19 09:20 pm

John from didn't want come here to produce his list of 20 lies I told because Yahoo! doesn't get enough visitors, so he put it on his own site. As it is part of the conversation I thought I would include a link here.


Oct 20 02:24 pm


How many times do we have to flush before Peter goes away?

Oct 21 09:35 am

I assisted at a mass vaccination clinic today for H1N1 here in Illinois. Despite screams of outrage in the local paper from the tinfoil-hat brigade, about 1600 people (mostly parents of small children) lined up to get their shots when we opened the doors at noon; a good indicationthat there are still some sensible individuals out there.

Oct 21 12:45 pm

Job done in Illinois. – You've only got 12.97 million people to go.

Oct 21 05:07 pm

Do you think the rise of the 'tinefoil hat brigade' as you call it, or as I'd call it the rise of 'public distrust for government' could have anything to do with that fact that our governments were happy to go into Iraq based their WMD lie?

Blair & Bush took a students published thesis on Iraq, cut it apart (spelling errors included) called it an intelligence report and used it to invade & kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civillians.

Why sho

Oct 21 05:31 pm

gosh, it's so nice to see the ad hominem arguments
and the off topic assertions.

It's so easy to forget the effect that polio, cholera, diptheria, measles (yes, measles folks) had before vaccination. And before the antivaccinateurs get on their high horse, yes, I had an uncle who had polio as a child. Did I get vaccinated? Damn straight my parents made sure of it. And that was in the days of the live Salk vaccine. Oh the horror.

Peter, you sure can attract them! :)

Oct 22 10:13 pm

Firstly, nobody gives a f**k about your made up uncle.

Secondly nobody gives a f**k about the vaccinations. We just don't like Peter because he's a turd and we're winding him up.

As for Peter 'sure attracting them' I'm just here to pretend he's controversial until the page takes off and your just here because he needs the support. So actually no he doesn't know how to attract much at all.

The Horror, The Horror.

Oct 23 02:12 am

Last week, I was patiently explaining that I personally know people who have been disease-injured (in the days pre-vax). The person to whom I was speaking said, "Well, it happens. That's a risk." Well, not one I want to take--I am glad that I chose to have my kids protected. Thanks for exposing this conspiracy theory for what it really is.

Oct 23 03:19 am

Yeah Pete, -- "Thanks for exposing this conspiracy theory for what it really is."

Tune in next week – Peters going to reveal to the world his hard hitting "exposé" which blows the lid off the secret behind Uri Gellers' spoon bending abilities. Guest 'superstar' forum contributor will be James 'The Amazing' Randi flown all the way across cyberspace from the US septics branch.

Oct 23 09:32 am

Here's Peters set list for the next few weeks, – (smuggled across the NSW border to prevent real journalist pilfering his fantastic revelations).

Episode List :







Your the greatest prognosticator of the modern age Peter.
Please keep up your magical revelations. Christ I'm bored.

Oct 23 09:40 am

Please check your spelling, Carlos. Otherwise you risk sounding unintelligible.

Oct 23 01:11 pm

QUOTE: "Please check your spelling, Carlos. Otherwise you risk sounding unintelligible."

Spelling is fine shellity.

There is a possible debate about the use of punctuation, but not with someone who flagrantly throws unneeded commas all over the place such as yourself.

Oct 24 02:54 am

I'm pleased with the global response to H1N1. Even if not a serious pandemic, it's good preparation in case there is one in the future -- saw a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth

Oct 25 02:00 pm

Until any of you have had a child which has reacted to vaccinations, I believe you should have an open mind. There are children out there that react to the vaccinations, my son was one of them. Of course, I can't prove it but I know my child alot better than you. Applying a one size fits all policy to the whole population is NOT a solution. Peter, show me the research that proves that thermosial converts to ethyl mercury in the body. I want to read it.

Oct 25 05:04 pm

I still have an open mind. I have a sister who is not vaccinated against diptheria/tetanus (and she is not a made up person) because she had a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. There are reactions to the vaccines, no-one is denying that.
If you would like to know about thimerosal, you can google it. Or you can start here: and look at the references for research articles.

Oct 25 07:30 pm

Anyone small minded enough to think that posting a lot of rubbish will invalidate Bowditch's facts has got to be wrong. I'm booked in for my flu shot on Monday.

Nov 1 06:18 pm

"Do you think the rise of the 'tinefoil hat brigade' as you call it, or as I'd call it the rise of 'public distrust for government' could have anything to do with that fact that our governments were happy to go into Iraq based their WMD lie?"

Do you get very lonely out there in left field all by yourself, Carlos?

Nov 17 03:22 pm

years ago I sat by the hospital cots of my 2 daughters, aged 2 months and 22 months as they struggled to breathe, their bodies wracked in pain with every breath.. The elder girl had her first two vaccinations then in an accident was brain injured and I was advised to have her now vacc'd with CDT instead of triple antigen, the younger girl had a cold when her immun'n was due so I held off till she was well. It was so painful to watch my girls struggle with whooping cough. Vaccinate UR Kid

Dec 16 08:41 am

While I am pro vaccination, there are risks, % minuscule (even govt will admit that). The cervical cancer vaccine is to protect against the HPV virus (not all cervical cancers are caused by HPV, but bulk are) and in most healthy women HPV will be dealt with by the bodies own immune system within 18 months. Women with +partners or who's partners have + partners have higher incidence of HPV (increased viral load). Don't think all girls/women need the vaccine, I am pro-choice on this.

Dec 21 08:21 am

I have read your articles and the fact you use words like liars and quacks just makes you look like a right wing zealot. discussions worded in this way whether you are right or not still make you come across as an opinionated redneck. People like to here the truth but you don't need to ridicule others beliefs and opinions to come across as knowing the truth. The fact that you countenance your "truths" in such a way belittles you i'm afraid.

Jan 2 11:52 pm

OK all of you go to the Douglass Report.. ccines
States the 5 Vaccines you should never have.. By DR William Campbell Douglass.

Lets see if that can actually make you think for yourself and about what you put into your and your loved ones bodies..
I think you will find it very interesting.

Feb 25 04:55 pm

I actually laughed when i read this.. including some of the peoples comments on here. Some are very true, and others are just as gullable as you are.

I have done 3 years of biology and studying of vaccinations whilst hearing and doing my own research on many many different cases. I can seriously say that you need to sort your story out because everything you literally just said is bullshit, from the word go. Not a single word in there is a correct statistic.

Feb 25 09:40 pm

Let alone your defence against people who have actually researched and studied WHY people dont want to inject themselves with what 80% of the time is poison that actually doesnt do jack shit.. Theres sceintists out there Guessing solutions and trialing them on people. Whats even sadder is your making the people who dont agree with vaccinating out to be some morons that think theirs micro chips for extermination, Anyone who actually thinks that is a complete moron..

Feb 25 09:44 pm

And as for the cervical cancer statistic, You havent even done any research on what the vaccination actually is.. so i wont even get into it.
All i can say is, shut it with the bias crap, Do ACTUAL research and then present it to the public instead of informing people who have no idea about any of this, Wrong information.

Feb 25 09:45 pm

Swine flu if it exists is less dangerous then the vaccine created to treat it. Everything to do with pharmaceuticals is about sales of the drugs. Of course encouraging millions of people to have the vaccination increases sales of the vaccination, not to mention visits to the GP for the vaccination and the money in their pockets. Chemotherapy is still being used even though all it does is make the person sicker and they usually die anyway. It has been known that it is ineffective for years.

Mar 27 12:46 pm

A wonderfully unhinged response to this article can be seen here.

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