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The 9/11 conspiracies

Every September there is a surge in nonsense about the events in the USA on September 11, 2001. This year was no exception and the mad conspiracists of the 911 Truth Movement were out in force. Even outside September a new theory about the events in New York on September 11, 2001 seems to appear almost daily. Here are some of the things I have been told, and many if not most deniers seem to believe that they are all simultaneously true:

  • The buildings were demolished using thermite to cut the supporting beams.
  • The WTC buildings were destroyed by aircraft flown by CIA operatives.
  • The buildings were brought down by demolition charges placed in the foundations of the buildings.
  • None of the aircraft which people assume hit buildings were in the air at the time.
  • All North American air defences were stood down before the attacks so that fighter pilots would not do what they usually do when civilian planes fly over New York or Washington, which is shoot them down.
  • No planes ever fly over the Pentagon because it is a heavily-armed military base. The anti-aircraft guns were turned off for the day.
  • No plane hit the Pentagon. It was a missile and the plane that witnesses saw was a decoy which flew next to the missile to hide it. The plane rose to 350 feet above the building just before the missile impact, and then flew away. Somebody came back later to leave the black box recorder and some passenger body parts in the wreckage.
  • It was the Jews, because some Israeli tourists took videos of the collapsing buildings.
  • George W Bush organised the attacks on the orders of his Zionist masters.
  • Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy organised the attacks to collect the insurance on the WTC buildings. It is a coincidence that both are Jewish.
  • One of the passengers who fought with the hijackers on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania worked for Oracle. This makes him Jewish because Larry Ellison (the founder of Oracle) is a part-owner of a small Israeli biotech company.
  • There was no plane crash in Pennsylvania because there wasn't enough wreckage. The plane and passengers went somewhere else and have never been heard of again.
  • Larry Ellison offered millions of dollars worth of free software to help with paperwork after the event. This donation shows that he made money out of the tragedy.
  • There were no Arabs flying planes, just Mossad agents.
  • If a plane flew over the White House at 800kph heading for the Pentagon (or vice versa) there would be plenty of time to scramble an attack aircraft and shoot it down before it managed to traverse the 2 kilometres between the buildings.
  • Yellow rivers of molten steel flowed through the rubble. The steel was still molten weeks later.
  • An aluminium aeroplane can't possibly punch a hole in steel building cladding.
  • No steel-framed building has ever collapsed anywhere in the world.
  • Buildings don't collapse because of fire, only when they are blown up.
  • When a fireman says "Pull them out" he is using industry jargon for "Fire the demolition charges".

Did I mention that the 911 Truthers are not just offensive to the memory of the people who died on that day in 2001 but also barking mad and totally resistant to any form of reason or logic? But of course I would say that, seeing as how I used to work for the government doing super secret military research. And that is the truth but I'm not going to say any more about it. I wouldn't want anyone to come to my house in a black helicopter and make me disappear.

A version of this article was published on the Yahoo! 7 News Blog on September 15, 2009
Yahoo! 7 News

Readers' comments


I've read some of the "conspiracy theories" online and some people present what seem to be a logical arguement.....what if one or two of them are true?'s not enough to dismiss something just because we don't want it to be true.

Sep 15 01:59 pm

I've seen "Loose Change" and "911-In Plain Sight". All I can say is keep an open mind, both docs bring up some very interesting points that are hard to overlook.........or watch FOX news all day in the US and believe the hype.

Sep 15 02:19 pm

Why is something called a conspiracy, just because it goes against the official BS story. As far as i am concerned, all the so called conspiracies are all true, especially from my research. It is the people that think they are not true are the ones that are being delusional!

Sep 15 02:22 pm

I would like to pass this message to mr peter Bowditch , I am sure that you sold your soul to the devil .

Sep 15 02:29 pm

Zionist propaganda, people like you, Mr Bowditch, are getting so predictable. It would be almost humorous if it wasn't so hideously tragic. Incidentally, it is the "conspiracy theorist" who seek the truth, that are honoring the dead.... not mindless parrots like you, you are offensive to common decency and intelligence. Enjoy hell.

Sep 15 02:43 pm

wat the hell. most of these arent conspiracies. its the truth. what the government is telling us on the other hand eg it was terrorists that is conspiracy. how can government be so stupid they are supposed to run a country how the hell did a bunch of retards get to run the country.

Sep 15 02:54 pm

9/11 was anside job, no doubt. Notice the main stream media doesnt address the fact that more than 50% members of the 9/11 commision report say there was a cover up?.And then they use the old line, ït's so disrespectful to the victims families"when its a large portion of the victims families who want a real investigation? The corperate owned media has no credibility left, hence why people are leaving it in droves.

Sep 15 02:59 pm

wannaberichlikeme said:

"As far as i am concerned, all the so called conspiracies are all true, especially from my research"

Please share with us your valuable 'research' qualifications. Did you acquire them from createyourownfantasyresearchdocumen ?

Sep 15 03:01 pm

You forgot to mention the aliens from area 51 who orchestrated the whole thing.

Sep 15 03:02 pm

i am what this guy would call a "conspiracy theorist" – but i am not stupid or barking mad! I for one would like to believe that none of them are true, and Some of these theories are rubbish, yes, but along with some others here i have seen some documentaries (that i happened to stumble across rather than searching for them) that do put across some very good points that are hard to overlook. It would not surprise me at all if they were right

Sep 15 03:06 pm

wannaberichlikeme said:

"As far as i am concerned, all the so called conspiracies are all true, especially from my research"

Please share with us your valuable 'research' qualifications. Did you acquire them from createyourownfantasyresearchdocumen ?

Sep 15 03:11 pm

It amuses me no end that people like 'tomtailor7' et al can mention "common decency", "honouring the dead" all in one sentence and then wish someone to 'hell'. Do they not see the irony in what they say? 'Hell' by the way is a figment of ones deluded imagination. Just like the conspiracy theories you espouse here!!

Sep 15 03:22 pm

The attempt by bought and paid for media to debunk what is now becoming painfully obvious to all – the fact that 911 was indeed an inside job – is now at laughable proportions. All but the terminally ignorant have long since arrived that something stinks in all this ... visit and and wake up. The Emperor has no clothes!

Sep 15 03:24 pm

Clearly there are people still asleep in this world, and that's the real sad truth. Even after they showed you the evidence, you still persist on calling the truth a "conspiracy". The key in these times is to be awake and aware. Peter Bowditch is either asleep, or part of the machine that is doing all of this. By the way Pete, what is offensive is that people died in 911 so that some power hungry group can go to war, and as a result, more young men and women die!

Sep 15 03:27 pm

Lies, "AustSkeptics". Haha--it is apparently an open secret amongst intelligence communities that it was CIA + Mossad. Yeah fry in Hell, asshole.

Sep 15 03:29 pm

It's interesting that Marvin Bush ( George Bush Jnr's ) Brother was head of WTC security ... and his contract ended on the day of 911. Oh yes ... the hits just keep on coming! ...

Sep 15 03:32 pm

LOL. Get over yourselves. The two big planes seen flying into the buildings sort of give the game away. Good on you Peter Bowditch for calling it as it is

Sep 15 03:35 pm

Google search .... "The Project for a New American Century" ... and "Operation Northwoods" and

Sep 15 03:35 pm

Commercial Aircraft don't usually have huge pods on their undercarriage ... just like certain U.S.A.F aircraft do ...

Amazing how all these cell phones were working at incredible altitudes where nobody else can get any reception!

Sep 15 03:39 pm

Why is it that no black box, an indestructable item, was ever recovered from the crash site, however passengers passports and belongings were discovered?

Sep 15 03:51 pm

So happy to see people having an open mind on here! We are human beings it's normal for us to question things. It doesn't mean we don't have respect for those that died.

Sep 15 03:57 pm

I heard that it was an open secret among intel communities that 9/11 was CIA + Mossad. Fry in Hell u asshole murderers.

Sep 15 03:57 pm

how do u post under a name yahoo?

Sep 15 03:58 pm

kirkwood, euch and the other crook: dlbdarren is right. will u ever have an Israel across all the palestine? no. So give up.

Sep 15 04:05 pm

funny how bowditch has NO support here. now that charlie sheen is leading the charge, the truth may yet come out after all.

Sep 15 04:13 pm

So where did the 5 pages of scathing comments towards this article go – the same comments that support 911 Truth and pointed out all the inconsistencies? It's no conspiracy that they just up and vanished surely! An error with the system right? ...

Sep 15 04:23 pm

A wise man believes nothing of what he hears and only half of what he sees...That also applies when you are dealing with the government.

Sep 15 04:25 pm

Mr Bowditch, would you know for a fact that Osama Bin Laden was really behind 911? He is no where to be seen because he his dead ! See the interview with David Frost and Bhutto. A must see! Also how can a very sick and dying man organised a sophisticated plot such as 911 and hiding in a cave? It comes down to OIL, OIL, OIL. What a brilliant plan to go to war in Iraq !!!!! Question everything???????????

Sep 15 04:27 pm

That was all planed with thous people who make COLAPS ON WALLSTREET AND GLOBAL ECONOMI.

Sep 15 04:29 pm

It is interesting to note that the first sentence of this article uses the word "nonsense" to describe the "conspiracy theories". Anyone with an open mind and one atom of intelligence can see that there is a possibilty that 9/11 was an inside job ! Peter Bowditch, it is morons like you who thought the earth was flat !
9 /11 was orchestrated by the U.S Neo- Cons in conjunction with their counterparts in Israel to precipitate an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq. It is "pla

Sep 15 04:30 pm

Yeah ... a couple of guys in a cave got NORAD to stand down .... you're a joke Bowditch.

Sep 15 04:31 pm

Hey everyone watch the film "In Plane Sight " and you will see with your own eyes that it was all a set up !

Sep 15 04:32 pm

LOL – This whole article & link is one big advertisment!!!! One giant commercial!!! Scary stuff. This is a company designed to dethrone anyone who has an opinion against the Gov & corporations!! $$$$$$

Sep 15 04:32 pm

yeah, i'm sure all the missing people are living it up on a tropical island with elvis, micheal jackson, bruce lee and the moon landing production crew etc.
it's just human nature to think you're being conned. and if you believe 1/2 of what is written here then you well and truely have been.
and if you think i'm going to hell for disagreeing with you well guess what.......i don't believe in that either.

Sep 15 04:32 pm

Anyone who believes ANY of the conspiracy theories is basically a half wit. They all talk about how if you 'research' the 'facts' youll find out it was all an inside job. Well Im sorry but wiki, infowars and 911truth arent research..they are simply one sided junk science sites that feed peoples delusions.
'Research' some hard science like engineering and physics and youll realise that the collapse of the towers was fairly elementary someone who passed high sch

Sep 15 04:38 pm

Adolf Hitler did samething in Germany.Atack on BUNDESTAG to prepare mentaly German people for 2 WORD WAR.That was preparing AMERICANS for another WAR.--WAR forOIL,OIL,OIL and OIL.

Sep 15 04:38 pm

i bet the lot of you that " know the truth " also believe the john howard allowed martin bryant to kill all those people in tassie so he could bring in his new gun laws.
i don't trust the government but i don't think that there is enough brain power combined to pull these conspiracies off in front of the world, especially with all you truth watchers out there.

Sep 15 04:40 pm

There ARE no missing people ... the passenger manifests were all doctored, the aircraft were empty Military Drones for gods sakes ... ya think you're dealing with Micky Mouse here? The people that plan events like this are high level Military strategic planners and intel operatives, not your local baker. Hitler said it best ... the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

Sep 15 04:41 pm

It is interesting that this muppet Bowditch calls conspiracy theories "nonsense" in the first sentence of his article and he deleted my last comment about the truth so i will post it again. It was morons like Bowditch that still think the earth is flat ! 9/11 was orchestrated by the U.S Neo Cons in conjunction with their counterparts in Israel. Israel were shit scared of being attacked by Saddam and Bush wanted the oil. Afghanistan was attacked for its oil and gas reserves,which the U

Sep 15 04:42 pm

Keep drinking the Kool Aid of denial ... those with eyes to see are waking up fast ...

Sep 15 04:44 pm

Peter Bowditch; just so you know, it is the "official version" of events that are the hardest to believe. most of the "conspiracy" theories actually seem quite plausible... and the US govt doesn't exactly have the best track record with telling the truth.. however i do not think that you, as suggested by other posters, are going to hell. maybe you can't help the fact that you're a rank and file, ignorant, right wing, pessemistic, neo-liberal scumbag who thinks h

Sep 15 04:46 pm

Um yeah – just kidding about my last post – um – yeah it's all good – their site is all good – all true -um yeah.

Sep 15 04:47 pm

Put it this way, if it were revealed in 50 or 100 years time that the US government played an active hand in the Sept 11 attacks, who would really be surprised?

Sep 15 04:59 pm

Implementation of the N.W.O (new world order) IS immenent. 'Conspiratory theorists' are are discredited by 'patriots(lol)' on a regular basis. People should awake from their 9-5rs and realise theyre been taken being taken for a ride by their systems of governance.The only thing that keeps populations subdued is money. Thats because money is mistaken for power.

Sep 15 05:02 pm

No, this wasn't orchestrated by the CIA scum. At all (chuckle). All you peeps who still think that the good ole US of A was actually attacked by terrorists should watch Zeitgeist with your eyes open.

Sep 15 05:03 pm

It is easy to dismiss conspiracies as the ravings of crazy people who want to stir up things and the list of theories given here are all rather weird and unlikely. However, sometimes governments do actually get up to no good and behave in a manner that is less than honest or moral. The Bush-Cheney gang had little regard for legal restrictions and it is well known they were rather ruthless in many of their dealings. I would not be too shocked to discover a skeleton in their closet.

Sep 15 05:08 pm

I believe this was a setup. It's all about oil and pointing the finger. I have many, many Jewish friends that think this was a conspiracy. Step outside the the smoke and fire and read, study and join the dots. Don't get personal, just study the facts. Bush is a warmonger on a puppet string.

Sep 15 05:10 pm

what fool would believe the USA version of events? It was done to justify the wars for oil. Wake up and look at the facts! Who benifited from these acts?

Sep 15 05:12 pm

What if the hijackers are stupid agents of the CIA to highjack the plan and when they did this the plane become under the control of CIA from earth ..? Do they have this technology to control the plane from ground or not ..? Why they remove the debris so quickly .?? is it suppose to be investigated though roughly before removing it ..?? What is the link of building 7 with this exercise..? what are the link of the owners with all this ..?? Why BEN LADEN family given special plan to run away ?

Sep 15 05:18 pm

Why is this blog barring comments made by myself and aquaintences? This is bullshit! My Jewish friends and myself have expressed comments and they're not being updated on this blog. Well, well. You can't cover everybody's eyes! The truth will set you free!

Sep 15 05:23 pm

Dig deeper and see the truth !!

Sep 15 05:23 pm

Mr. Bowditch sumtimes i find people very stupid & ignorant where there senses belives what they where shown not what is hidden. I am totally with u & makes more sense. If things happen there is definately a reason behind it otherwise its called a miracle (Unfortunately we dont see it much now a days) but I totally agree the facts which you dare to bring it out & make more sense to gather big picture. I would say it hard to belive what u brought out, but if any person thinks logically

Sep 15 05:27 pm

This sight is tainted and non-secure. It's being observed and censored. I worked in the medical media for many years and it's all coming back! My input is not being updated. ****Must be a computer glitch****

Sep 15 05:29 pm

The biggest insult to the victims memory, is to not fully investigate. This was mass murder after all, be it by whatever means & by whom. Mr Bowditch, just stop & think...

Sep 15 05:41 pm

Apparently seven buildings "fell"' down that day. Two of them were hit by aeroplanes. And all of them fell straight down.
Have you heard the saying: Go figure.
Truth and Justice Mr Bowditch, we'd like to see that wouldn't we?

Sep 15 05:42 pm

only in the good old u s of a.... aliens really drove them people to hi jack plane full of people and fly them into buildings, there you go another one.... i will stick to beleiving what i see and not what i hear...

Sep 15 05:47 pm

Clever and misleading mix of claims, bogus or misrepresented at best from start to finish which can be verified by going to www dot 911truth dot org

Sep 15 05:53 pm

Yes mate I can see where your coming from but to be so bull-headed you need help fast. if you think that Nazi minded people don't still live on this planet and in the U.S.A think again. We all know there is plenty of disinformation out there about the twin-towers, but there is also a lot of truth mixed in. You really need to wake up to yourself. I feel sorry for you having sheep mentality.

Sep 15 05:56 pm

Conspiracy theorists. Single, middle-aged men in their 40s, still living at home with their mothers.........Get a life --- please !

Sep 15 06:06 pm

I can't believe there are still people who still naivily believe that terrorists, armed with box cutters, who could not fly planes (as was verified by their flying school instructors), hijacked planes and flew them into buildings. I can't believe that people still believe that a plane with a thickness of O made a hole in the pentagon the size of o (compare O and o) and not leave any wreckage outside the pentagon. Next, the pro-Bush army will tell us the Pope is Jewish as well.

Sep 15 06:08 pm

Unlike the five already here, I am a skeptic and would like to thank Mr Bowditch for drawing attention to the sheer stupidity of many of these fear filled fantasies

Sep 15 06:09 pm

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Sep 15 06:11 pm

And that's a piece of journalism is it Peter, or an opinion column?

If it is the latter you have every right to have that opinion, as do the many others who strongly believe that all is not as it seems.

However, we could all sit back and believe everything America tells us because after all, they have always been governed by people who abide in truth, honesty, integrity and forgiveness for .... oh.

Sep 15 06:12 pm

.... and the number 21 conspiracy is.....drum roll that Mister bow in the ditch is right and the rest of the planet is a bunch of dumb arses.

Sep 15 06:25 pm

well i guess my last post was way too sensitive for posting. the mistake you made has just named its price.

Sep 15 06:29 pm

There will always be single cell amoebas parading as humans who will always go against reality.

Sep 15 06:35 pm

Are these peanuts being serious? They are actually offended that someone would state the obvious, and that is that all this conspiracy rubbish does is promote ignorance, fear, and paranoia?
Thanks for the article- an interesting read, and a spotlight on the stupidity that people embrace.

Sep 15 06:41 pm

Peter Bowditch is the one with his head stuck in the ground not wanting to admit there may be more truths out there than what he would like to believe. The govt would like us to belive 9/11 was all an accident........ please, there are some of us who are a bit more intellegent than that.

Sep 15 06:46 pm

comments keep disappearing it seems ... hmmm

Sep 15 07:03 pm

Mr Bowditch,please explain to me how a Boeing 737 or 767 could possibly fit into the space of that hole left by a passenger jet that hit the Pentagon.And where is the wreckage of the said air craft?And why was there only a few cameras on* at the pentagon on that day?? Please, we are all not stupid.Dont believe all you are told by the Press.if you get told something over and over again even if a Lie, people believe it.Dont insult our intelligence.

Sep 15 07:59 pm

Wise people believe only half of what he sees and believes nothing of what he hears. Nowdays,the key is to be awake and aware. No matter why, how or what 9/11 shaked many of us.

Sep 16 03:19 am

akums razor,

Sep 16 04:02 am

This is not the conspiracy theory, It is the truth and was all the insider's job. Everything else that has happened was only the distraction form their hidden agendas. American people have been brain washed!

Sep 16 04:06 am

This is not the conspiracy theory, It is the truth and was all the insider's job. Everything else that has happened was only the distraction form their hidden agendas. American people have been brain washed!

Sep 16 04:14 am

I'm not into the conspiracy theories, but your constant use of strawman argumentism and complete lack of journalistic objectivity shows you are trying to convince yourself more than anybody else.

What a horrible lame article.

Sep 16 06:07 am

Bowditch says 'Did I mention that the 911 Truthers are not just offensive to the memory of the people who died on that day in 2001 but also barking mad and totally resistant to any form of reason or logic?'

The fact that he's trying to discredit people from finding out the truth, I find this offensive! And he sounds barking mad to me!

Sep 16 07:00 am

I think most sane people would agree that conspiracy theorists ARE delusional. In fact most conspiracy theories start because the mind refuses to believe what it has seen and so blanks the reality out and instead makes up a new version of reality that is more acceptable to the persona of the mind. And after reading some comments here they have convinced quite a few to go along with their delusion. Canucklehead talks about hype, what do you think drives conspiracy theories. PARANOIA people.

Sep 16 07:54 am

Troubl is vmm these people arent finding out the truth, they just refuse to believe that one group of people ( and I use that term loosley) would do this to innocent people. The TRUTH is that Osama bin Laden and his terrorist cronies are laughing their heads off at all the theories and the division that it is creating. That lot dont care who they kill as long as thety get what they want.

Sep 16 07:58 am

I would like to thank all the true believers who came here to set me straight and wish me in hell. I have had a lot worse things said about me by people with much greater grasp of both reality and the English language. Seeing the comments reinforces my opinion that 911 "Truthers" live in some sort of fantasy universe, much like the universe inhabited by other species of conspiracy believers.

Sep 16 09:48 am

The reason I haven't been participating in the debate is because I said all I had to say in the original article. Nothing that has been said since then, not even the links to unhinged "Truther" web sites, has provided enough evidence for me to change my mind. And did you think I hadn't already seen those sites?

Also, I have no control over which comments get posted and which do not. I don't run this web site, I just submit articles for the blog. Other than that I am just

Sep 16 09:54 am

    Y a hoo & the Se ven network need their ass kicked for allowing this corporation/blog to appear on their site. Show's how pathetic mainstream media has become. Puppets to big $ from corps.. $$$$$$$$$$

    Sep 16 12:37 pm

    Vested? Are you sure I'm not jerkinned, sweatered or cardiganned?

    It's not me who is using the deaths of almost 4000 people to aggrandise himself. It is the collection of people spreading lies and myths to promote some sort of anti-government, anti-Semite fairy tale who do that. Aeroplanes hijacked by terrorists were flown into buildings. It's hardly my fault that some people fail to understand this.

    Sep 16 05:00 pm

    While the article contained some ridicule, those are claims that truthers make. Don't blame the sceptic for mentioning them. It's not his fault the conspiracy is based on mistakes, misrepresentations of the truth and outright lies.

    Sep 16 08:31 pm

    Well clearly the article was intended to get a reaction. Sure some of those claims have been reworded to increase the ridicule but the majority are no different to what truthers say.

    Sep 16 09:09 pm

    A few inconvenient truths:
    The US military has not used anti aircraft guns for years...they have been replaced by missile systems.
    Anti aircraft systems were put in place AFTER 911, and consisted of vehicle mounted stinger systems (AVENGER).
    There is also a national airport less than 2 km so any of these fantasy "automatic anti aircraft systems" located on the roof (which are also strangely absent from google earth) would be shooting planes down left right and center...wake up you

    Sep 17 11:59 am

    "There were inactive anti aircraft guns on the Pentagon roof in 2001?"
    I have had a few truthers question me how it was possible for a plane to get near the Pentagon without being shot down.

    "No steel frame building has ever collapsed?"
    A facetious comment.

    "Planes that fly over New York are always shot down?" Isn't that the implication with the complaints about the lack of interception by fighters?

    Sep 17 05:52 pm

    "It was the Jews?"
    Many truthers have brought up the story of the dancing Israellis.

    "Molten steel weeks later?" I have seen this on several sites and it has been mentioned to me many times. Steven Jones probably started it.

    "You forgot to mention ALUMINIUM planes!" Well the planes are largely aluminum. If you google you will get plenty of sites questioning how aluminium planes could do such damage.

    Sep 17 05:56 pm

    What a disingenuous article. Hardly worth publishing.

    Sep 19 09:30 am
    hardhillpoet ion.php
    This site is a petition signed by hundreds of university qualified engineers, architects, etc, who wish to see a new "independent investigation" opened into this travesty against the people of America, which has lead to 2 wars being fought that include Australians. If you cannot see the that the real conspiracy is the Government story, then you are sadly blinkered in life, dont let the next few years shock you!

    Sep 23 05:10 am

    The ae911 site is a joke. They just repeat the claims that have been debunked over and over. If you actually look at the statements made by those that sign up it is clear that many did so with little knowledge of 9/11. There are claims of free fall, molten steel, the 'pull it' quote ect. It is obvious that many have done no research; someone fed them lies so they signed up. Lacking peer reviewed work in reputable engineering journals or any support from the scientific community, the tru

    Sep 23 07:35 pm

    ** continued**
    the truthers are reduced to a list on the internet. Its like facebook.. and not very compelling.

    There are few structural engineers in the list too.

    Sep 23 08:33 pm

    I suppose Charlie Sheen is a nutjob whacko for questioning the official story too?? Youtube "charlie sheen letter to Obama"............go on, I DARE YOU to report on that!

    Feb 3 08:48 am

    I am not an engineer, chemist or architect. I do, however, enjoy aircraft of all types and blowing thing up. To think that the WTC was brought down by a controlled demolition is akin to saying that vaccines contain Mercury!

    When a building is imploded with explosives, the preparations will often take weeks of careful planning, tons of explosives and kilometres of cord. In an empty building this is easy. In a structure the size of the WTC that was being occupied, extremely difficult. To d

    Sep 25 10:44 am

    Bravo Peter Bowditch. I'm there with you. Though the tide of morons would make Canute puke, we must hold fast.

    Sep 25 09:38 pm

    Loved the article! Number 5 made me laugh out loud for real! I love it when someone makes a claim about something (truthers are barking mad and resistant to logic) and then people come along and demonstrate that fact in person! This has been a great show!

    Sep 27 05:49 pm

    My first comment to this site didn't appear, so this is a test to see if this one will. If it doesn't, I'll consider the site broken and won't bother with it.

    Sep 29 01:23 am

Someone wrote to me to set me straight. My responses are in italics.

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 23:18:23 +1100
Subject: re: The 9/11 conspiracies
From: "Craig Simmons"

G'day, I can't find any way of putting a comment on your 911 page, but here it is:

You managed to find the right place.

What about WTC 7? How many 'conspiricy deniers' are even aware of the collapse of this building, and the peculiar way it collapsed (just like the other two)?

I can't imagine that anybody is not aware of the collapse of WTC7. After all, isn't that the building that the conspiracy kooks claim was brought down when the Fire Chief said "Pull it"? There was nothing peculiar about the way it collapsed. It wasn't like the other two though, because they collapsed due to internal damage caused by aircraft crashing into them relatively high in the structures whereas WTC7 had the side torn out of it by debris from the two large towers.

Please do some simple research for yourself about this anomalous event.

If there was anything anomalous about a building falling down because it had been severely damaged by debris from a major collapse right next to it there might be something to research, but I've got better things to do with my time than to humour people who want to believe in fairy tales.

Thank you

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