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I've been away for a few days and I just checked my letterbox. In it were two pieces of paper from an outfit called Reignite Democracy Australia warning about the dangers of vaccinating children. This outfit is virulently anti-vaccine and no lie is too untrue for them to use in their deranged campaign to oppose vaccinations.

The owner of RDA has been imprisoned for organising anti-vaccine and COVID denial demonstrations in Melbourne. Nothing coming from her or RDA can be believed. You might have seen news over the weekend of someone who tried to burn himself to death to avoid vaccination. This is the second such attempt over the last few days and the head of RDA declared the first one to be a martyr for the anti-vaccine cause and encouraged others to follow. One did.

I can only assume that someone in Oberon is distributing these dangerous pieces of nonsense. We don't need this sort of thing here.

This letter was sent to the Oberon Review on January 6, 2022

Click to see the filth.

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