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Oberon Council had the chance to make a real splash

(Background - North Sydney Council received a $10 million government grant to update their swimming pool. The pool is on Sydney Harbour right next to the northern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was classed as a grant for regional infrastructure and had absolutely nothing to do with politics or vote buying. No, siree!)

I'm going to have some strong words with Oberon Council about their lack of initiative. I've heard that the swimming pool at North Sydney received $10 million in the sports grants scheme. Apparently the pool is classed as "regional" because some swimmers cross the harbour to use it. Out here in the real regional region, some swimmers have to cross Campbells, Fish or Duckmaloi rivers to get to the pool in Oberon (sometimes more than one of them). Three water crossings (four if you count people who have to cross the creek next to my place), so surely the council would have been entitled to $30 million. And our local MPs (both state and federal) are Nationals. It's a disgrace.

You would think a bush council would know how to use a trough.

This letter was published in the Oberon Review on March 15, 2020

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