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DTaP – Don't Torture a Puppy.

June 8, 2012

The claims made by anti-vaccination liars are often farcical, but as they are intended to frighten people away from vaccination the truth or even plausibility of the claims is irrelevant.There's that old lie about the Vatican's concern about aborted foetuses in vaccines that is always being recycled, despite the story tellers knowing that it is false.  Professional liar Mike Adams has brought up another old lie about vaccines containing dead dogs. (It's usually unnecessary to rebut anything Adams says as he can always be assumed to be lying, but I thought I would have a go anyway.) I've even seen suggestions that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals might like to join the fight against vaccines, because female cocker spaniels are used as vaccine ingredients.

Imagine the terror in those big brown eyes as these lovely flop-eared puppies are thrown into the mincers at the vaccine factories, sacrificing their lives so that the children of the world can experience more autism, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. It's dreadful to contemplate, or it would be if it were true.

You might wonder how many cuddly puppies it would take to make all those vaccines, and it turns out that the number is one, and that dog died in 1958. Yes, folks, yet again we have anti-vaccination liars being either too stupid or too mendacious to admit that a cell line descended from cells taken from the kidney of a female cocker spaniel in 1958 is not a dog. I know that the supposed scientists who oppose vaccines know the truth, but lying is what they do for a living.

Here is an aptitude test for employment. One of the pictures below shows a dog. If you can't tell which picture that is you should immediately send off your CV to the nearest anti-vaccination liar organisation and offer to manage their media relations.


[For the technically-minded, you can go here for a description of the history of the Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell line.]

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