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Tim Bolen joins the world of fairies

April 22, 2012

Patrick Timothy Bolen, spokesturd for cancer quacks and dentists who sexually molest their patients, publishes an insane newsletter which he claims goes to "millions of health freedom fighters". In his latest rant he has this to say about me:

Example – suppose one of the more well known pseudo-skeptics, Peter Bowditch, decides to ignore the "Protective Order," and attack witnesses on his Australian based websites.    Easy answer – he'd get one Order signed by the court, and a time limit to comply, whether he is in Australia or not.  After he refuses to obey, or misses the time limit, Doctor's Data simply informs the judge of that fact, and hands the Judge a new Motion – one, this time, ordering the  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), based in Marina Del Rey, CA, to seize Bowditch's internet domains – and turn them off.  Poof – in a microsecond, Bowditch is gone from the internet, a bad memory, like a fart in an elevator.

Just try it, Tim. I'm waiting.

Background about the crooks at Doctors' Data can be found here.

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