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I am the result of evolution.Welcome to my personal web site (which is not my work web site).

I worked in the computer business for years and years and I taught at TAFE and other adult education places but now that I've retired you don't need to see my résumé any more so it's been mothballed. That's enough about work. This site is personal and is about what I like and what I do in my spare time.

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Book of the Week

How We Believe : The Search for God in an Age of Science How We Believe : The Search for God in an Age of Science by Michael Shermer. Shermer makes the distinction between belief, non-belief and unbelief, and describes his own transition from one state to another. Religion and science have different roles in society, and this book looks at the boundaries and overlaps which are legitimate for each.

I have some hobby sites.
RatbagsDotComThe Millennium Project
The Green Light

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