Free speech advocate hates free speech

I turned on Facebook this morning to find that I was not automatically logged in. I had been logged out of the system for committing a grievous crime against “community standards”. When I entered my username and password the following appeared.


When I hit “Continue” I got this:


Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network has been on a rampage over the last couple of days, submitting whines to Facebook every time someone mentions her name. The fact that she chose the anniversary of her ridiculous attempt to use the courts to silence me to yet again try to stop me from talking shows that she completely lacks any form of irony gene.

Ms Dorey’s attempt to silence me through the courts was dismissed on April 26, but she has appealed that decision. The appeal will be heard on September 18, and I intend to publish something about Ms Dorey’s war on children’s health every day between now and then.

4 thoughts on “Free speech advocate hates free speech”

  1. At least you got a solid hit in. I was blocked, reported, and banned for suggesting that, in calling the SAVN a hate group, she did not understand the meaning of the word “hate”.

  2. I’ve started to include a note to FB if I post anything with her name in it. I quote directly from their own rules. Seems to be working, but I won’t hold my breath as to how long. Here’s an example:

    “Umm, one of Meryl Dorey’s AVOs was dismissed, with costs (over $11,000). That’s magistrate-speak for “baseless and unproven.” (Dear Facebook, This post is not abusive, harassment, bullying or a threat. You allow “users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest” and this comment is just that. Meryl Dorey is a person of public interest and her recent failed court action is a matter of public record).”

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