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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch


Book – The Bear’s Progress: SkeptoBear’s World Tour 2004

In January 2004, at the invitation of Mr James Randi, I was a speaker at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas. At the time I was Vice President of Australian Skeptics and I went as a representative of that organisation, accompanied by the other Vice President. Also in the party was SkeptoBear, a bear of […]

Book – Things I Think About – Volume 1

I have been writing and speaking in public for a long time, so I decided to collect all the speeches and articles together in a handy anthology. The first volume, covering late 1999 to mid 2003 is now available. I had been writing for newspapers long before this, but a lot of the words have […]

How many Ps in Internet Marketing?

Article at the Gebesse Blog about the new rules of marketing. http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/12/how-many-ps-in-internet-marketing/

Experimenting on skeptics

At SkeptiCamp Sydney on May 26 I conducted a small experiment to show that even people motivated to attend a skeptical conference can have their actions influenced by things they read. It was not intended to be a scientific experiment so no statistical analysis of the results has been or will be attempted. It was […]

Keeping your skepticism out of court – Me at SkeptiCamp Sydney 2011

The second Sydney SkeptiCamp is coming up on May 26. You can book a free ticket here. For those who have never been before SkeptiCamp is an unconference, where there are no invited speakers. Anyone with anything relevant to say can grab a 20 minute slot on the day and speak. The whole day is […]