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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch


Book – Things I Think About – Volume 1

I have been writing and speaking in public for a long time, so I decided to collect all the speeches and articles together in a handy anthology. The first volume, covering late 1999 to mid 2003 is now available. I had been writing for newspapers long before this, but a lot of the words have […]

MindBodySpirit Festival 2012

To save everyone else the pain I went to the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival on Friday, November 9. I’ve been going to these things for some years and they are always great fun as long as you stay away from the medical quackery. That seems to be reducing over time and most of the ones still […]

Taking one for the team – a night out with Scientology

I was alerted by the Ratbags Media Monitoring staff about this advertisement in the local paper: How could I resist the offer of free DVDs (or even free DVD’S), so off I went in the company of four other members of Western Sydney Freethinkers. (I wasn’t going to go alone in case I needed someone […]

Like talking to a rock, I try to debate creationists

In June, 2005, I represented Australian Skeptics in an online debate against the creationists at Answers in Genesis (now Creation Ministeries International). The debate took place on the Sydney Morning Herald’s Webdiary site and was conducted along the lines of a normal spoken debate, but done in writing with each team producing three papers over […]

The Global Atheist Convention

Last weekend I was in Melbourne with 4,000 other nonbelievers for the Global Atheist Convention. I hadn’t originally intended going to the convention itself, just to be in town for the fringe events, the socialising and the networking. When I saw the list of speakers there was only a handful that interested me, with the […]

Can atheism be called a dangerous idea?

In 2009 I had the privilege of seeing Christopher Hitchens speak at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney. Sadly, I won’t be able to repeat the experience at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention. A question I have, though, is whether atheism can really be called a dangerous idea these days. We are lucky in Australia that […]