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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch


Book – The Bear’s Progress: SkeptoBear’s World Tour 2004

In January 2004, at the invitation of Mr James Randi, I was a speaker at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas. At the time I was Vice President of Australian Skeptics and I went as a representative of that organisation, accompanied by the other Vice President. Also in the party was SkeptoBear, a bear of […]

Book – Things I Think About – Volume 1

I have been writing and speaking in public for a long time, so I decided to collect all the speeches and articles together in a handy anthology. The first volume, covering late 1999 to mid 2003 is now available. I had been writing for newspapers long before this, but a lot of the words have […]

Does homeopathy work?

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council has had a look at the uses of homeopathy to treat various medical conditions. The result: don’t waste your money, it does nothing. A draft of the report has been released for public discussion. You can read it here. People have until May 26 to comment on it […]

Chiropractic – quackery to the core

One of the greatest confidence tricks in alternative medicine is the way that chiropractors have managed to convince even people who should know better that the profession is some legitimate form of medicine and has thrown off its history. One area in which they have supposedly entered the real world is that they now officially […]

The anti-vaccination lobby

This article was published as the Naked Skeptic column in the October 2009 edition of Australasian Science. It has not lost an iota of relevance. For many years the anti-vaccination lobby had the respect of the media. Any story on a television current affairs program about a disease where anyone had suggested vaccination would include […]

MindBodySpirit Festival 2012

To save everyone else the pain I went to the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival on Friday, November 9. I’ve been going to these things for some years and they are always great fun as long as you stay away from the medical quackery. That seems to be reducing over time and most of the ones still […]

Let’s be balanced!

Every now and then I receive an email which accuses me of bias against the things which I list at The Millenium Project and declare I don’t like, to which I can only answer “Guilty, your honour”. The funny ones are those which suggest that I should show some balance by presenting the views of […]

Who has the backbone to stop this?

Australia has an excellent health system. Yes, many improvements could be made, but generally the mixture of public and private provision of health delivery and insurance together with regulatory oversight works to provide one of the best, if not the best, health care system in the world. Alongside this system is a parallel system of […]

See Shuzi. See Shuzi run.

Among the weirdness and woo at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney in May this year there was the usual collection of people running scams that rely on the public’s general ignorance of science. One of these was Shuzi Qi, who had this to say about themselves in the program: Shuzi Qi strengthens and […]

Burzynski’s “research” – Part 1

Cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski has 61 clinical trials listed on the register at http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=burzynski. Here is an analysis of the progress so far: Withdrawn 7 Terminated 2 Completed 1 Unknown status 50 Not yet started 1 His supporters love to point to evidence of his success and can become quite abusive when anybody questions them. […]

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