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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

Pyramid schemes and MLM

Bitcoin Bollocks

You might have heard of a currency called Bitcoin. It only exists on the Internet and according to it’s supporters it will eventually replace all other currencies used for electronic payments. It is so powerful that the banks don’t know what to do about it. It is absolutely secure and can’t be manipulated because the […]

How to attack freedom of speech.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that crooks and quacks (often indistinguishable) do not reach for scientists or experimenters when asked for evidence of their claims. Instead they reach for lawyers who are employed to silence criticism. The tactics vary, but he objective is always the same – make threats […]

Conical marketing – the next wave

A new marketing paradigm is here, from the oldest science of all – mathematics. It is “Conical Marketing” and it is based on conic sections. These are the shapes formed when a cone is cut in different directions. The shapes are the circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola and the triangle. I want to share this vision […]

Thoughts about multi-level marketing

When I was taken to court in 2005 by a multi-level marketing company (which was annoyed at my mentioning that the Federal Court of Australia had found them to be operating an illegal pyramid scheme) I had to prepare an extensive affidavit in reply. As part of that affidavit I had to put down some […]

A Diamond has bad luck

A Big Pin in a multi-level marketing outfit is on his way to Super Saturday. He is whistling to himself and daydreaming about all the tool money he is going to be collecting from the suckers. “Sorry” he says to himself with a wry smile, “I shouldn’t call them that because they are Independent Business […]

Creating Distrust with Multi-level Marketing

One of the things that irks me about multi-level marketers is how they appropriate legitimate business terms and expressions in an attempt to legitimise their activities. The unintended consequence of this is that people become suspicious of any attempt to approach in a certain fashion or using certain words and phrases. Here are three examples […]