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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

Oberon life

Driving In the Country

New personal bests today: 1) The biggest kangaroo I have ever seen. He was taller than my car (which was put right next to him for scale). 2) The closest I’ve ever come to hitting a kangaroo. I’ve danced with ladies and been further away than that. I would like to thank Bridgestone for their […]

Today’s Oberon Adventures

1) Always tie your dog to something immovable. We were walking past a cafe which had a tethered dog outside. It was quite a large dog and it took a dislike to Cody TRHD so it jumped at him, barking and snapping. What it was tied to was a light cafe table (the sort that […]

A fun day out

Today’s plan was to go to Milthorpe for lunch. Google Maps through Firefox suggested three routes to get there from Oberon – O’Connell, Kelso. Bathurst, Milthorpe O’Connell, Lagoon, Bathurst, Milthorpe. O’Connell, Lagoon, Bathurst, Blayney, Milthorpe. Google’s map app on my tablet (presumably using the same geographical information) suggested: O’Connell, Kelso. Bathurst, Milthorpe O’Connell, Lagoon, Bathurst, […]

Oberon’s safe children

Me, in today’s Oberon Review. A year ago I moved from Wentworth Falls to Oberon, a distance of 40 kilometres in a straight line or about 80k by road. Apart from fewer days with fog and more days with snow, there is a remarkable difference between the two towns – the rates of childhood vaccination. […]