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Ambiguous songs – you need more than the title (Part 2)

Copyright does not apply to the titles of artistic or creative works – only to the content. This means that there is no infringement if a song or novel is written which has the same title as another work. Recycling book or film names seems rare, if it ever happens at all, but there are many songs which share titles.

Today’s musical selection includes a few of these pairs, and even some triplets.

You can see Part 1 of this collection here.

This is an interesting pair, because Nick Cave appeared in a stage show about Leonard Cohen and his work in which he had to sing Cohen’s song. Which he did very well, of course.

USAnians have this thing about songs named for states. Often the music has little relevance to the geography. This pair is an example of that phenomenon.

The Beatles achieved a certain notoriety for the consumption of chemicals and there is that famous recorded concert by America where the audience is shrouded in smoke that probably didn’t have a legal origin, so why shouldn’t the two bands record songs with the same names.

Jimmy Barnes was a champion at having good times, Michael Hutchence died in circumstances which looked suspiciously like the result of having too much of a good time, and the 1960s were very good times for any who can remember.

Two of my favourite bands from back in the day.

Finishing off with a triplet. Two great composers who should get other people to sing their songs and someone who is a master interpreter of other people’s songs.

That’s all for this week. There will be another collection on Facebook and here in a couple of weeks.

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