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Ambiguous songs – you need more than the title (Part 1)

Copyright does not apply to the titles of artistic or creative works – only to the content. This means that there is no infringement if a song or novel is written which has the same title as another work. Recycling book or film names seems rare, if it ever happens at all, but there are many songs which share titles.

Today’s musical selection includes a few of these pairs, and even some triplets.

When it was announced that Adele would be releasing a song named “Hello”, people started contacting Lionel Richie to tell him that he was being ripped off and asking if he was going to sue her. He had two replies – there was no copyright on the name so there was nothing to sue about and if she had recorded his song he would accept the royalties from it as a retirement fund.

Of course, using the same name could be expressed as “doing it again”. So –

Everyone has a friend named Amanda, so it’s no wonder that people keep writing songs about her.

Oh, all right. If you insist …

Here’s a couple of songs that share a name and a subject matter – booze.

And now for something completely different. With something that is even differenter. And then things get weird.

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