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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

May, 2014

Banks! How we love to hate them. And why.

Article on the Gebesse blog about bank bastardry. http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2014/05/banks-how-we-love-to-hate-them-and-why/

Installing ACT! 6 in Windows 7 and 8

Articles on the Gebesse blog about how to do something that I don’t recommend but which people want to do. For Windows 7 users: http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2014/05/installing-act-6-in-windows-7/ For Windows 8 users: http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2014/05/installing-act-6-in-windows-8/

A different debate

Meryl Dorey, ex-President of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, wants me to debate her at a woofest in Queensland later this month. I offer my own challenge to her, with the only changes from suggestions made by the festival organisers being that the submissions are to be in writing, and the prohibition on talking about certain […]