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September, 2013

Media Release: Meryl Dorey and the AVN – Another loss in court

The following message was sent to various journalists and media outlets today: Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network has failed in another of her attempts to use Apprehended Violence Orders to silence her critics. In September 2012, Ms Dorey applied for three Apprehended Personal Violence Orders against people who had been critical of her […]

Meryl misquotes – how unusual

A pervasive trait of anti-vaccination liars (shared by many followers of pseudoscience and pseudomedicine) is to cite or even quote material which can easily be shown to be either false, crazy or even saying something opposite to the quoter’s position. Here are some articles from The Millenium Project showing Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network committing these acts. The […]

The AVN – Lies, deception and threats

We are continually told by Meryl Dorey and others at the Australian Vaccination Network that they do not oppose vaccination (they just want it to be 100% safe), they are honourable people whose motives are misunderstood, and they never threaten people (because threatened people might go to the courts seeking Apprehended Violence Orders). Here are […]

Meryl Dorey lies about SIDS and SBS. And me.

Possibly the two most disgusting ideas emanating from the foetid “minds” of anti-vaccination liars are that vaccines are the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the damage seen in Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Meryl Dorey is up to her armpits in both, of course. (In a later article I will chronicle her support for […]

Meryl Dorey condones child abuse

In November 2011 a naturopath posted this message to the Australian Vaccination Network’s Facebook page: A friend of mine was so outraged by this clear case of child abuse that he contacted the child protection authorities in the state where the naturopath plied her trade. Unfortunately, he fell into a buck-passing bureaucratic maze. You can see […]

Defending fraud: Meryl Dorey and Andrew Wakefield

In 1998 a paper authored by Andrew Wakefield and others was published in The Lancet purporting to show a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. It led directly to a drop in vaccination rates and the deaths of several children. What soon became known was that Wakefield had been paid a very large amount […]

Meryl Dorey and the rape analogy

One of Meryl Dorey’s complaints to the court about me was that I had made a tasteless remark. Here is an article from The Millenium Project showing the depths of tastelessness to which she will descend. It did not surprise me, because when it comes to opposing vaccines the end always justifies the means. It is being reproduced […]

Meryl Dorey: Free speech hypocrite

The person who has been wasting the courts’ and my time for more than a year to try to have me forced into silence claims to be an advocate of freedom of speech. Her actions say otherwise. Here is an article from The Millenium Project about just one of Meryl Dorey’s attempts to silence critics. It is being […]

The AVN shows sympathy for women with breast cancer

One thing that soon becomes obvious when you observe anti-vaccination liars is their absolute selfishness. Nothing that affects other people or other people’s children is of any concern to them Here is some material about breast cancer which was published at various times in The Millenium Project. It is being reproduced here as part four of a […]

The AVN lies about vaccines and aborted foetuses

Anti-vaccination liars continue to claim that vaccines contain parts of aborted foetuses. They are lying, but that is not surprising because lying is what liars do. Here is an article which was published in The Millenium Project in 2005. It is being reproduced here as part three of a series about lies told by the Australian Vaccination […]

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