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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

August, 2013

Let’s spit on the memory of a great man

While people are remembering and celebrating the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Had A Dream” speech, a committee member of the Australian Vaccination Network chose to vomit on his memory by comparing this pack of outrageous child-harmers to him, among others. What sort of hubris does it take to write something like this? My […]

Never let a chance go by.

Way back in ancient history a dam was built on the Jamison Creek near my place to provide water for steam trains. The steam trains have long gone but Wentworth Falls Lake is still there, providing an environment for the survival of such endangered species as the 190 million year old Giant Dragonfly as well […]

Where can I buy food with extra gluten?

If you ever mention anywhere on the Internet that you have computer problems, within a short period of time you will receive the very useful advice to “Get a Mac”. A similar Pavlovian response occurs if you mention the diet fad du jour, as people (often self-diagnosed) with dreadful allergies and food intolerances tell you […]