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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

July, 2012

What’s in a name: The anti-vaxxers reach a shocking new low

Australian Network for Plant Conservation. Australian Network for Art and Technology. Australian Network on Disability. Australian Fitness Network. Australian African Network. Australian Homestay Network. Australian Vaccination Network. One of these names is not like the others. There is a network devoted to conservation of plants, one with the objective of supporting artists, another which works […]

Burzynski’s “research” – Part 1

Cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski has 61 clinical trials listed on the register at http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=burzynski. Here is an analysis of the progress so far: Withdrawn 7 Terminated 2 Completed 1 Unknown status 50 Not yet started 1 His supporters love to point to evidence of his success and can become quite abusive when anybody questions them. […]

Burzynski’s “research” – Part 2

Another piece of published research thrown in everyone’s faces by Burzynski supporters multiple times over the last fortnight was a paper titled “Phenylacetylglutaminate and Phenylacetate in Combination Upregulate VDUP1, Cause Cell Cycle Blockade and Apoptosis in U87 Glioblastoma Cells”. This appeared in the Journal of Cancer Therapy. Here’s the abstract: Phenylacetylglutaminate (PG) and Phenylacetate (PN) […]

Psychic detectives are scum

A discussion arose this week about vileness ranking for various forms of deception. What is the worst kind of vermin – cancer quacks like Stanislaw Burzynski, people selling bleach enemas to cure autism, “psychics” who pretend to locate dead or missing children, …? I was reminded of the last one by an article on the […]

Travelling with ACT! by Sage

Article at the Gebesse Blog about ways of getting out of the office and still being able to use your ACT! database. http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/07/travelling-with-act-by-sage/

No, it’s not the “God Particle”

Like thousands of other people (including, it seemed, 99% of the people I associate with on Twitter) I watched entranced at the announcement from CERN this week that the two teams working with the Large Hadron Collider had independently found better evidence for the existence of the postulated Higgs Boson than they had announced a […]

Taking one for the team – a night out with Scientology

I was alerted by the Ratbags Media Monitoring staff about this advertisement in the local paper: How could I resist the offer of free DVDs (or even free DVD’S), so off I went in the company of four other members of Western Sydney Freethinkers. (I wasn’t going to go alone in case I needed someone […]

Product review – Free Stuff Part 1

Article at the Gebesse Blog about some useful programs that you can get for nothing. http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/07/product-review-free-stuff-part-1/