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June, 2012

Product review – Supplier-provided disk repair programs.

Article at the Gebesse Blog about the use(lessness) of programs from hard disk vendors that you might be tempted to use to repair faulty drives. http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/06/product-review-supplier-provided-disk-repair-programs/

That dreadful carbon tax

When are the climate change deniers (not “skeptics”) going to come out and be honest about their opposition to the carbon tax? They oppose it because they are deniers, and for no other reason. I’m not going into the economic arguments of a tax on carbon dioxide production versus an emissions trading scheme, because both […]

Product review – Eye-Fi card for digital cameras

Article at the Gebesse Blog about a great device to make your digital camera connect to your WiFi network: http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/06/product-review-eye-fi-card-for-digital-cameras/

Securing your wireless network

Article at the Gebesse Blog about keeping your wireless network safe from intruders: http://www.gebesse.com.au/blog/2012/06/securing-your-wireless-network/

Conical marketing – the next wave

A new marketing paradigm is here, from the oldest science of all – mathematics. It is “Conical Marketing” and it is based on conic sections. These are the shapes formed when a cone is cut in different directions. The shapes are the circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola and the triangle. I want to share this vision […]

Fifteen advances in medicine. What has SCAM done?

The British Medical Journal was first published in 1840. A few years ago the magazine conducted a reader poll to find the fifteen most important advances, discoveries or breakthroughs in medicine since then. Here is the list: Anaesthesia Antibiotics Chlorpromazine Computers Discovery of DNA structure Evidence Based Medicine Germ Theory Imaging Immunology Oral Rehydration Therapy The […]

Free speech breaks out in Anti-vax Land?

One of the hallmarks of the anti-vaccination movement in Australia is their lack of tolerance of any dissent. Anybody disagreeing with any of their lunacy is immediately blocked from commenting on blogs, and removed from mailing lists, Facebook groups and any other forums they control. A new forum named “Vaccination – Respectful Debate” was recently […]

Science as she is spoke

During an archaeological dig in my garage I found some relics of my time at university many years before, and I was reminded of what science is and isn’t. As a prerequisite for studying psychology, I also had to do some introductory anthropology and sociology. As an example of the “science” in sociology, I was […]

DTaP – Don’t Torture a Puppy.

The claims made by anti-vaccination liars are often farcical, but as they are intended to frighten people away from vaccination the truth or even plausibility of the claims is irrelevant.There’s that old lie about the Vatican’s concern about aborted foetuses in vaccines that is always being recycled, despite the story tellers knowing that it is false.  Professional […]

Almost unimaginable filth

Judy Wilyman is a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong. The research for her thesis consists of finding evidence for the harmfulness of vaccines. She is not interested in vaccine safety, because she doesn’t believe any vaccine is safe. She is not interested in vaccine efficacy, because she doesn’t believe any vaccine has any […]

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