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Things I Think About, by Peter Bowditch

Memo to Meryl Dorey at the Australian Vaccination Network

Do not even suggest that anyone contacts my family. I realise that you have in the past harassed the family of at least one child who died of a vaccine preventable disease. But don’t start on me.

Don't even think about it!

You might think you can get away with continual defamation of Australian Skeptics. You might think you can get away with continual lies about the activities of the members of Stop the AVN. What you will not get away with is involving my family in your insane campaign to harm children. If you don’t like me asking tasteless questions about dead babies then stop spending your days trying to increase the number of dead babies.

If you or any of your followers come near my family I will react and it will not end well for you. Don’t even suggest it in a joke. And if you think that’s a threat, think again. It’s a promise.

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10 thoughts on “Memo to Meryl Dorey at the Australian Vaccination Network

  • Ashley. says:

    More evidence that Meryl Dorey does not now, nor will she ever, take responsibility for the actions of her flying monkeys after she provokes them to action.

    • I’m now being told that Meryl didn’t suggest that my family be contacted. These people lie in the face of indisputable evidence.

      • Seeing Dorey and that hate-filled bag of batshit crazy Hempel pretending to be all concerned for your family in an obvious attempt to scare you into shutting up makes my blood boil. If they do start harassing your family I can promise you won’t stand alone against this vicious little sect.

  • Robert Osborne says:

    In most civilized culture making the threat you have made is a criminal act. No surprise since most of what you do is uncivilized, ignorant and criminal. However, hoping you die a very painful and slow death is both legal and, under the circumstance, civilized.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. They have been passed on to our editorial team so they can wet themselves laughing.

    • I believe under your rules it would also be exceedingly civilised of me to hope you die soon and horribly of a vaccine-preventable disease?

      Fortunately, I have moral standards and a rather more modern concept (i.e. way past medieval) of the meaning “civilised”. I therefore merely hope you come to your senses soon and apologise to Mr Bowditch for your appalling rudeness.

      • Mother Earth says:

        What do you mean by “it will not end well for you”? Is this a threat? Are you threatening physical harm?

        • Can’t you read? I state quite clearly that it is not a threat. It is a promise.

          Also, physical harm is not the only option. We have things called courts. Have you heard of them?

  • Your Nemesis says:

    Here’s a promise….We will be contacting everyone in your family and we will visit whatever we decide we want to visit upon them. You have no control over us or any of our supporters. You are a vile piece of shit…your family is shit…anyone who supports you is shit.

    Fuck off!