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I have removed the contents of this section because a lunatic used the personal details here to harass me. I am in the telephone book and I can be reached by email at . This is the second time that I have had to remove material from this page because of the actions of people with unsound (or perhaps missing) minds. The Internet has provided an unprecedented freedom to people to promulgate their views and opinions, but, sadly, there are those who want these freedoms for themselves but also want to deny them to others.


BA (Macquarie 1988), majoring in Cognitive Psychology, with other work in the areas of statistics, experimental design, psychological testing, linguistics, philosophy of science and epistemology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management (1992) - Macquarie University Graduate School of Management.
Cert IV T&A
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2010)

Certificate IV in Small Business Management (2011)


ACS Member   ACS Certified Technologist

Employment Summary:

How to Connect to the InternetPublications:

My first book, How to Connect to the Internet, was published in February 1997 by the Australian Consumers Association. It was reissued in digital form in 2014, and you can find out more and buy a copy here.

As well as the reissue of the 1997 book, I have a succession of books coming out containing anthologies of my writing. The first is Things I Think About Volume 1, and you can find out more and buy a copy here.

You can see some other things I have written here.

Personal Statement:

My experience goes back to a time when there were only a handful of computers in Australia. This experience covers a wide range of jobs, situations, computers, programming languages and operating environments and has been reinforced by continuous education and training. The computer business does not stand still, and the years have been filled with a constant search for new and updated skills and knowledge. Much of this learning has been in the general management and business area in order to provide the proper context for the application of computers to the solution of business problems.

I have held a variety of positions in both government and private enterprise, with a range of experience from computer operator to MIS Manager in a top 100 company. Since 1987 I have been running my own consulting company with the emphasis on increasing clients' business efficiency through the effective use of computers and information technology.

What I do

Essentially, I am a management consultant, although for many of my clients I provide the complete solution. With my experience and qualifications, I am best suited to either a consulting role, where I can apply what I know to ensure that the client gets the best advice for their particular situation, or to management or support. The Graduate Diploma I hold covered areas such as finance, logistics, human resources, product development, and marketing.

Some of the projects I have worked on include managing the PC section of the MIS department for a large insurance company, tender evaluation for a state-wide government PC procurement contract, quality control for a large government department's tendering process, and implementation and support of accounting, marketing and sales force automation systems.

ACT! Certified ConsultantACCFor some time now I have been concentrating on improving corporate communications through the use of contact management software (using ACT! - I am an ACT! Certified Consultant) and integrating it with other software products and email. To exploit one of the best means of communication, I develop corporate web sites.

I have recently taken up face-to-face teaching and I have been delivering courses in IT fundamentals and business administration at a private coaching college and with TAFE NSW. To support this I have completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

What I don't do

I don't develop custom-built software, and the only programming I do is that which is necessary to make web sites work effectively or to link software packages. This rule is only broken for special clients as a means of keeping my hand in and refreshing my knowledge of programming principles. I maintain software for some of my clients, which requires some programming and is again principally to maintain skills.

What I know about

Most of my work over the last few years has been with personal computers and networks. Consequently, I am familiar with (and use) many of the more common programs. I maintain close links with the major software suppliers and I evaluate a lot of software as part of a self-education process so that recommendations can be based on facts. My emphasis for some time has been on effective communication between computers and computers, between computers and people, and between people and people.

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