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I am the result of evolution.Welcome to my personal web site (which is not my work web site).

If you got here by clicking on a link, using a bookmark, or from a search engine and you were really looking for Gebesse Computer Consultants, they (we?) are at

I have worked in the computer business for years and years and you can find out the details in my Résumé. You can also read a musical Résumé here. That's enough about work. This site is personal and is about what I like and what I do in my spare time.

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Amway Motivational Organizations : Behind the Smoke and Mirrors Amway Motivational Organizations : Behind the Smoke and Mirrors by Ruth Carter. Ruth Carter spent 15 years as an Amway distributor. During most of that time she was completely immersed in her upline's Motivational Organization. She also spent nearly five years working for her upline Diamond in his office. Only then did she witness the trickery, deception, and unethical behavior that pervades the Amway Motivational Organizations, or AMOs. This book reveals the truth behind the smoke and mirrors of the Amway motivational business.

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